Carbon Fibers

TAIRYFIL carbon fiber from FORMOSA PLASTICS GROUP is derived from PAN(polyacrylonitrile) precursor, providing high strength-to-weight, high stiffness-to-weight,high modulus of elasticity and low density for maximum performance
properties. The successive surface treatment and sizing improve handleability and compatibility to various polymers or resin matrices.

Product Code Carbon Fibers

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Carbon fiber can be used in combination with various thermoset and thermoplastic resin systems in many applications where reduced weight, high specific modulus and high stiffness and strength to structure are desired :
● Aircraft & Aerospace: jet aircraft,satellite, rocket, C/C disk brake,primary and secondary structures etc.
● Industry: storage tank, CNG tank,piping,bearing, roller etc..
● Sports goods:tennis and badminton rackets, fishing rod, bow and arrow, golf shaft, bicycle,ski-board and surfboard etc.
● Civil engineering:constructive and repairing reinforcements for bridges and buildinds.
● Alternative Energy/Wind Energy; blade of wind mill, fuel cell etc..
● Transportation: vehicle, yacht, frame, reinforcement parts for brake, shaft etc...
● Electric and electronic devices; LCD cassette, spare parts for robot, computer, TV antenna etc...
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